Tuesday, 10 March 2009

Stories I would like to sub: Number eight

I am very disappointed that I have never had a story about an evil Scout group.

We had a story here about a youth band that received poison pen letters from an anti-fan; but they were simply loud and tuneless (if the letters were to be believed), rather than deliberately evil.

I think the evil Scout group activities would include:
  • stealing unripe fruit from people's gardens -- but they'd do it in quite an obvious way, probably leaving a few caps and woggles behind to show it was them
  • chalking words like 'bum' and 'fart' on the pavement outside the Post Office
  • running sticks along newly painted railings
  • leaning over a fence to shout 'yah' at passers-by
  • making posies for their mums using flowers stolen from municipal flower beds
  • something unmentionable (involving marbles) to the toilets in the church hall